At the outset of 2018 I was struggling some. I had suffered a few disappointments early in the year and
was having a hard time getting onto a good frequency again. My friend Eric Donnelly came over one morning for tea and suggested that the best remedy was to ‘write the finest songs of my career and come up with a new idea’. Easy right? The kind of advice that could make you want to pop someone if it wasn’t being offered in such a genuine and kind way. I’ll never forget what Eric gave me that day. “Objects In The Mirror” the album AND the book (which WILL BE OUT IN 2019 though it’s still very much being written), came to life because I knew deep in my heart Eric was right. 

We just finished a tour that in addition to having full houses in every city, more importantly had full hearts. These pictures represent a great year of family, music and dreams coming true. The album cover, the kids helping me out with the Kellogg Family Store, the biggest SK Family BBQ yet in Chicago, my children in the recording studio, Rolling Stone magazine delivering the most moving review of my music I’ve ever seen in print, Will Hoge, whose music I’ve respected for a decade, producing the record he promised me we would make, Rolling Stone Country  photographing a sold out show at the Bluebird in Nashville, Robert Randolph celebrating our Grammy Nominated “Got Soul”, and my family enjoying time with one of my boyhood heroes turned musical champions, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. 


So here’s the thing folks. I had a good year. Maybe you did too (fingers crossed), but I understand that also maybe you didn’t. The reason I wrote “Objects In The Mirror” and the goal here is to be of some use to you. There are plenty of shows and music that can be a background soundtrack to a party. But I’d like my songs to work as medicine for your souls. If  you need that, listen. If you know someone who needs it, share. If I can make you smile or cry or feel more hopeful I’m going to do it. That’s the goal. That’s 2019. I’ll see you there my friends.


2019 tour.png