"Stephen Kellogg is someone who is talented in so many different ways, who has done so much with his life, and who is still reaching out into new areas— so please, indulge the storyteller in me while I tell you about Kellogg’s wild, open heart.

If you’re a folk or Americana fan, I know that you already know who Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers are. They’ve been a staple of the scene since 2003. (If you aren’t already listening, if you like artists who use clever writing and upbeat styles, like Josh Ritter and Matt Nathanson, Stephen Kellogg is going to be your new favorite songwriter.) And while he performs and records mostly under his own name now, what’s most impressive to me about Kellogg— and maybe about any person I meet (looking forward to it, Stephen!)— he is absolutely, 100% sincere. There isn’t irony or sarcasm in this music. There isn’t bitterness and hatred in this music. Stephen Kellogg is a good man who happens to have connected with a large group of fans, all magically without having to change who he is."

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