Hello all you fine community of music listeners!

So here is the update. We spent four days in a recording studio called MOXE
in Nashville, TN last week. Quite unbelievably, we are almost done recording the album.
I’ve never had a record happen this fast, but the combination of personalities seems to
have created something that I’m as excited to share with you as anything I’ve ever done
as an artist. We have some back ground vocals to capture and mixing decisions to make
and then we will have a new record. I can tell you this. I know the name of the album now
and I know that it will have 12 songs on it. More for you later. If you have friends who like this
type of music and you think they’d enjoy it, please encourage them to pre-order their records
as we still have to raise 50% of the funds needed to finish the record and book. Speaking of the
book, the chapters and concepts are taking shape and I’ll be spending the lions share of the next month and a half working on that. To the 615 souls who’ve taken us the first 49% of the way and to the fine musicians who’ve helped get the record rolling in grand fashion, my eternal gratitude.