Hey everyone. It's Stephen here. Writing you from the first bench of "North Star”, my 2015 Ford Econoline Van. We had one of my favorite sets of music ever this past Friday playing the Ann Arbor Folk Festival with two of my favorites, Jason Isbell and Lori McKenna. The thought of it is making this 13 hour haul feel a bit lighter than it might otherwise feel. I’ve added another MI show at The Ark on March 16, and will play the next night in Three Oaks, MI

Here's a couple other things about the tour I wanted to tell you... We'll be bringing the request board back out and letting you guys vote on some of the songs every night, so come early and vote if you like. Also, come early 'cause we have some great support acts. I've decided to play about half the tour solo, and Hailey Steele will support all those dates. Check out her song "Wandering Heart" on Spotify, and plan on hearing us sing some songs together. On the full band dates, we have our old friends Brian Dunne, and Native Run doing select dates. We'll also have VIP upgrades on a bunch of the dates via the Kellogg Family Store, and as always, we rely on word of mouth, and appreciate you taking time out of your busy lives to help us spread the word.

Last little orders of business, if you've missed it: I wrote, produced, and released a new song called "Orion" as a tribute to Tom Petty. If you haven't heard it, here it is. The 8th SK Family BBQ IS happening, and it's going to be held in Chicago, IL on June 22-23 with details coming soon. If you're still in a reading mood, here's an interview that came out this week with the Michigan Daily. Thanks for reading, try to be good to each other and good luck with whatever you're doing. May something light you up.