Hey there everybody! Stephen here.
Writing to you from Nashville, TN where we had another amazing one last night. 5 of the first 7 shows have sold out! I realize that this is the norm for a handful of extremely fortunate acts, but it has been a number of years since I've been graced with a tour like this, and I sure could get used to it! Thanks to everyone who has bought tickets and VIP upgrades to the shows so far... you guys sharing these new songs with people you think might need it in their lives has been like a light that is blasting into the darkness... I'm loving having the best seat in the house to watch your reactions! Keep posting, sharing on playlists, and letting us see what's going on with you! 14 more dates on this first part of the tour, and you can see info about those shows and some new cities added to the second leg by reading below.


As you may know, every year for a limited time we offer handwritten lyrics for the holidays. You pick your favorite song and who you want it personalized to and I write them up. Then we donate between 25-50% of the proceeds to charities selected by the Kellogg family. This year we have decided to focus solely on children and have already sent in donations to St Jude Childrens Hospital, Boston Childrens Hospital as well as the following anti-trafficking organizations, Friends Of Thai Daughters and My Life My Choice. It makes a great holiday gift and for 2018 we have also added an economical option to have a personalized & signed “print out” of a lyric as well as a fancy option to have your lyrics written on a guitar. These will only be available to purchase for one more week through the Kellogg Family Store in the hopes that we can get everyone their stuff in plenty of time for the holidays, so if you’re interested jump on that now. In addition we have new T-Shirt Designshoodiesthe program guide (we have a deluxe with CD in it because I finally caved in ) and a whole lot more. Keep my kids busy filling packages while I’m away so they don’t get in any trouble! #Kiddingnotkidding


Lastly, thank you for all the well wishes regarding my families unfortunate car accident last weekend. Everyone is ok, though the family truckster and the 180 pound deer did not fair so well. I was able to fly home and be with my crew for a couple days thanks to a great supportive road family, and fan base. You are all something else. Hug your people, celebrate the wins, and know that I'm rooting for you. 

See you later, see you soon