BOSE Headphones Winner, New Tour Dates and Book Update!

Hello friends new and old…

Back in the day, I used to not enjoy getting newsletters from bands. Now I love it because it’s how I get most of my information about what they’re up to. Hopefully, you feel the same way when you see a letter from me in your box. This is a fun one to send because we're giving away a pair of BOSE noise cancelling headphones to Margot Vetrovsky! Margot, hit us back in the next 24 hours and claim your prize. It's a good a reason to read one's mail as ever, I suppose. If we don't hear back, we'll pick another person in the next letter that we send in a week or so announcing Summer 2019 Tour Dates! You read that right! We have a few on sale down below, but we've got a whole bunch more cities to announce, and the "Objects In The Mirror"' tour will continue!

I’m in the third draft and resuming work on it this month, hoping to have it go to print in time to ship for the Fall.Turns out writing books takes longer than I thought it would. Thank you for your patience. In the mean time, my fiction contribution to “Moving Foreword” by Jon Chattman was published yesterday and you can check that book out here.


(Photo: Takako Harkness Photography)

(Photo: Takako Harkness Photography)

The spring tour was fire. Absolute fire. It was a dream come true and I take my hat off to my fellow band and crew for bringing all their skills to bear. If you missed it, we streamed the last three nights on YouTube,Facebook and YouTube respectively. The entire shows are up and free to watch. Enjoy and please take the time to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, like my Facebook page and for goodness sake- come join us in person next time we come through (which will hopefully be sooner than you might imagine!) 

We’re thrilled to have sold out the Sunday Barn event, but lest there be any confusion we’ve moved Saturday’s events, both the Field Day + BBQ and Evening Concert Under The Stars (with Special Guest Brooks Hubbard Band) to the outdoor theater so that we can accommodate more people. Saturday promises to be an incredible afternoon of games and hanging followed by a full band performance at the historic Ross Farm in Basking Ridge, NJ. Get your tickets here and we’ll see you later, see you soon 


OITM Full Band Tour Rages On!

Photos by Sean Portwood & ELM Photography

Get your tickets HERE!

SK to play with Foo Fighters, Brandi Carlile, Kacey Musgraves + More!


SK will be playing Telluride Bluegrass Festival with Brandi Carlile, Kacey Musgraves, plus many more.


Stephen will also be playing Pilgrimage Festival south of Nashville in Franklin at the end of September with Foo Fighters, The Killers, & plenty of other great musicians!

One Month Til Tour!

oitm tour.png

We are one month out from the Objects In The Mirror Full Band Spring Tour. Rehearsals are underway, the guys are having a great time putting together these songs, & they can't wait to get on the road & show them to you. This tour is really going to be such a special experience. SK is taking a collection of some of his favorite people (Boots, Eric, Cookie Dough, Shady, Lil Jackie Paper, & Mahoney) on the road, playing songs from the new album (his best yet, in our opinion!), & our friend Pete Muller is opening. This is a tour you need to see, friends. Haven't seen SK in years? That's ok! Used to go with friends you aren't as close to now? Text them, reconnect at the show! Don't have anyone to go to the show with? Also ok! SK fans are some of the most welcoming there are. You just have to see this tour. That's what we're getting at. It's something for the books- grab your tickets & Kelloggtown VIP passes, & we can't wait to see you there.


We've also got just a little over a week left for you to purchase your Season Pass! There are only a few left. The Season Pass includes entrance to any headlining SK shows (excluding festivals) + Kelloggtown VIP for all of 2019. It's gonna be a busy year for SK, so grab yours while we've still got them! 

See you later, see you soon, 
Dale, Jess, & Mike (Team SK)

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9th Annual SK Family BBQ Info Is Here + Season Pass 2019

BBQ Come Hang.png

The 9th Annual SK Family BBQ Weekend is back June 21-22! 

This years event will all be held at the historic Ross Farm in Basking Ridge, NJ. I played there last year and fell in love with the beautiful location and grounds. I am absolutely thrilled that they are willing to host our weekend this year! We will have many more details as they come together, but here's a little teaser of what to expect...

Friday Night Pre-BBQ Concert in the Barn: This is going to be a very limited engagement 'evening with'. For the first set, we'll be celebrating the 15th anniversary of the self-titled album by playing it in it's entirety. This was my major label debut, and I'm so excited to dive in from "Flower In Rain" to "Keep Me In Your Thoughts"! For the second set, I'll be doing 100% requests. The venue capacity in the barn is extremely limited and we won't be able to fit everyone, so if you'd like to attend this, you'll need a weekend pass and you'll want to buy it early.

Saturday Afternoon: BBQ! Field Day! Plus a short acoustic set for our younger friends. This is all about hanging with your people, no athleticism required, and your tickets to this include lunch, games, and music!

Saturday Night: With any luck, we will be playing under a star filled sky on the first weekend of summer. There is room for the kids to run, a blanket to sit on, and a cooler by your side. It should be an incredible evening, and we'lll have special guest Brooks Hubbard kicking things off that night!

Tickets and More Info: Tickets are on sale NOW! You can either pick up a weekend pass, which will get you into all three events on a discounted rate, or you can pick "a la carte" tickets for the two Saturday events. There are descriptions as well as FAQ answered over at the Family Store. We are also partnering with a wonderful Marriott and have a special rate for weekend goers. Less than an hour from three major airports in one of New Jersey's most beautiful communities. We hope you'll join us for the 9th Annual SK Family BBQ Weekend!


Also, we are rolling out a Season Pass for 2019! You can go to as many SK shows* as your heart desires, including Kelloggtown VIP for each show as well. This will be valid for the 2019 calendar year- including the full band Spring tour, plus we have summer and fall tours on the books. We'll be visiting many of the cities we haven't gotten to, and returning to some that we have! These are valid for one person, but if you'd like to buy two, the second is half off! 

*Headlining shows only- does not include festival dates

It Will All Be Ok & Happy F'n New Year!

At the outset of 2018 I was struggling some. I had suffered a few disappointments early in the year and
was having a hard time getting onto a good frequency again. My friend Eric Donnelly came over one morning for tea and suggested that the best remedy was to ‘write the finest songs of my career and come up with a new idea’. Easy right? The kind of advice that could make you want to pop someone if it wasn’t being offered in such a genuine and kind way. I’ll never forget what Eric gave me that day. “Objects In The Mirror” the album AND the book (which WILL BE OUT IN 2019 though it’s still very much being written), came to life because I knew deep in my heart Eric was right. 

We just finished a tour that in addition to having full houses in every city, more importantly had full hearts. These pictures represent a great year of family, music and dreams coming true. The album cover, the kids helping me out with the Kellogg Family Store, the biggest SK Family BBQ yet in Chicago, my children in the recording studio, Rolling Stone magazine delivering the most moving review of my music I’ve ever seen in print, Will Hoge, whose music I’ve respected for a decade, producing the record he promised me we would make, Rolling Stone Country  photographing a sold out show at the Bluebird in Nashville, Robert Randolph celebrating our Grammy Nominated “Got Soul”, and my family enjoying time with one of my boyhood heroes turned musical champions, Adam Duritz of Counting Crows. 


So here’s the thing folks. I had a good year. Maybe you did too (fingers crossed), but I understand that also maybe you didn’t. The reason I wrote “Objects In The Mirror” and the goal here is to be of some use to you. There are plenty of shows and music that can be a background soundtrack to a party. But I’d like my songs to work as medicine for your souls. If  you need that, listen. If you know someone who needs it, share. If I can make you smile or cry or feel more hopeful I’m going to do it. That’s the goal. That’s 2019. I’ll see you there my friends.


2019 tour.png

OITM Tour, Handwritten Lyrics & Nashville Greetings!!


Hey there everybody! Stephen here.
Writing to you from Nashville, TN where we had another amazing one last night. 5 of the first 7 shows have sold out! I realize that this is the norm for a handful of extremely fortunate acts, but it has been a number of years since I've been graced with a tour like this, and I sure could get used to it! Thanks to everyone who has bought tickets and VIP upgrades to the shows so far... you guys sharing these new songs with people you think might need it in their lives has been like a light that is blasting into the darkness... I'm loving having the best seat in the house to watch your reactions! Keep posting, sharing on playlists, and letting us see what's going on with you! 14 more dates on this first part of the tour, and you can see info about those shows and some new cities added to the second leg by reading below.


As you may know, every year for a limited time we offer handwritten lyrics for the holidays. You pick your favorite song and who you want it personalized to and I write them up. Then we donate between 25-50% of the proceeds to charities selected by the Kellogg family. This year we have decided to focus solely on children and have already sent in donations to St Jude Childrens Hospital, Boston Childrens Hospital as well as the following anti-trafficking organizations, Friends Of Thai Daughters and My Life My Choice. It makes a great holiday gift and for 2018 we have also added an economical option to have a personalized & signed “print out” of a lyric as well as a fancy option to have your lyrics written on a guitar. These will only be available to purchase for one more week through the Kellogg Family Store in the hopes that we can get everyone their stuff in plenty of time for the holidays, so if you’re interested jump on that now. In addition we have new T-Shirt Designshoodiesthe program guide (we have a deluxe with CD in it because I finally caved in ) and a whole lot more. Keep my kids busy filling packages while I’m away so they don’t get in any trouble! #Kiddingnotkidding


Lastly, thank you for all the well wishes regarding my families unfortunate car accident last weekend. Everyone is ok, though the family truckster and the 180 pound deer did not fair so well. I was able to fly home and be with my crew for a couple days thanks to a great supportive road family, and fan base. You are all something else. Hug your people, celebrate the wins, and know that I'm rooting for you. 

See you later, see you soon


SK splash (1).jpg

It's time. 

Lady Road has called me back again, and I'm thrilled to announce the first batch of dates I'll be playing in support of my new album, "Objects in the Mirror" (which comes out November 23rd, and can be pre-ordered through the Kellogg Family Store.) This is my favorite record I've ever made. It feels a bit like "Glassjaw Boxer", and as with GJB, I intend to play every song off the record live over the course of the tour (as well as plenty of old favorites.) I hope you'll get to hear every song on OITM.

The first half of the OITM tour is one of supper clubs and listening rooms. I'll be playing solo and telling stories. The second half is in theaters and music halls. This will be a full band night of rock n' roll. This is going to be a big tour- a great tour. We will keep adding dates in the coming weeks, & we have a few we can't share just yet, but wanted to get the news to you. We will have Kelloggtown VIP upgrades available in most cities. I'll also be doing about a half dozen warm up dates starting in Los Angeles in just two weeks. I haven't been making too big a deal out of these shows because I'm gonna be trying some stuff out and debuting quite a bit of material. If you're awesome, and up for a bit of that experimenting... come be my neighbor!

The OITM tour starts in earnest on November 21st in Boston, MA at the City Winery. Save the dates. Grab your friends. Line up your sitters. Let's celebrate that we are alive. 

See you later, see you so soon.

Underwater Sunshine Fest Blog Features SK

"Stephen Kellogg is someone who is talented in so many different ways, who has done so much with his life, and who is still reaching out into new areas— so please, indulge the storyteller in me while I tell you about Kellogg’s wild, open heart.

If you’re a folk or Americana fan, I know that you already know who Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers are. They’ve been a staple of the scene since 2003. (If you aren’t already listening, if you like artists who use clever writing and upbeat styles, like Josh Ritter and Matt Nathanson, Stephen Kellogg is going to be your new favorite songwriter.) And while he performs and records mostly under his own name now, what’s most impressive to me about Kellogg— and maybe about any person I meet (looking forward to it, Stephen!)— he is absolutely, 100% sincere. There isn’t irony or sarcasm in this music. There isn’t bitterness and hatred in this music. Stephen Kellogg is a good man who happens to have connected with a large group of fans, all magically without having to change who he is."

Continue reading on the blog!


Album + Book Update

Hello all you fine community of music listeners!

So here is the update. We spent four days in a recording studio called MOXE
in Nashville, TN last week. Quite unbelievably, we are almost done recording the album.
I’ve never had a record happen this fast, but the combination of personalities seems to
have created something that I’m as excited to share with you as anything I’ve ever done
as an artist. We have some back ground vocals to capture and mixing decisions to make
and then we will have a new record. I can tell you this. I know the name of the album now
and I know that it will have 12 songs on it. More for you later. If you have friends who like this
type of music and you think they’d enjoy it, please encourage them to pre-order their records
as we still have to raise 50% of the funds needed to finish the record and book. Speaking of the
book, the chapters and concepts are taking shape and I’ll be spending the lions share of the next month and a half working on that. To the 615 souls who’ve taken us the first 49% of the way and to the fine musicians who’ve helped get the record rolling in grand fashion, my eternal gratitude.


Song of the Fool: Foreward by Stephen Kellogg

I’ve heard it said that “youth is wasted on the young,” but I’ve never found that to be the case.

Youth is the necessary condition that keeps us going as we stumble our way through the gates of early adulthood, failing miserably and often. Still, in flashes and on good days we can also feel the rush and energy of what we later arrogantly call “accomplishment.” If I had known then what I know now, then what happened then wouldn’t have been what it was, and that would have been a damn shame because what was, was awesome. I’m getting ahead of myself though, so let me take it back a moment.

My grandfather had a great axiom he used to share with me: “Never believe your own propaganda.” Hearing him comment to that effect hundreds of times filled my brain with a healthy skepticism about what others would say of me, on both the positive and negative sides. The press, when they thought of me at all, would often write cutting reviews with the underlying message that “this guy is nothing special.” Sorry mom, but they’ve found me out! As such I tended to think of the press, when I thought of them at all, in much the same way they thought of me. Nothing special.

On the flip side it was also easy to assume that anyone with a positive assessment of my work was probably just friendly and it had nothing to do with my work actually being any good. A little self-destructive and kind of a messed up way to think, right? Nonetheless, these are the murky, narcissistic waters Hunter Sharpless was entering into when he approached us about touring with our virtually unknown band in 2009. Some would call it baggage but I like to think of it as awareness. After all we’d been making a living at it for a decade and who needed any more validation than that?

 I guess I did.

The fact is, I was not at all sure I wanted a young guy around, judging my friends and me. I held fast to Andy Rooney’s assessment that everyone thinks they could write a book “if only they had the time.” Having attempted to write one myself on multiple occasions, I realized it was harder than it looked. All the same, the lead singer in me felt a level of validation even from the whisper that someone had chosen our work to write about. I wanted to believe in Hunter. I just didn’t want to be hurt by being misunderstood or ignored (by the very real possibility that the book would never actually get written), and I didn’t want to be the subject of a “puff piece”—something I know all too well wouldn’t be representative of the man I am.

I needn’t have worried. In the book we all come off, including the author himself, as a little damaged but ultimately decent. Most of ong of the Foo is composed of material I had no idea was being observed. The moments that fit more in the cracks. They weren’t the high highs or even the low lows of the road—this was the everyday stuff. And the everyday stuff is sometimes all we have in life, so we’ve got an obligation to make the most of it. I remembered that while reading this book.

So yeah, Hunter’s a young guy, but that’s what makes his memoir special. No one told him that you don’t write books about underground cult bands that perhaps will only be read by diehard fans. You don’t write memoirs of what it’s like to be a suburban-raised, well loved teenager traveling with a painfully normal bunch of guys who treat their band as their business, guided by an affable girl with a great sense of humor. All the edges that the media and buying public crave are missing. No one told him this or if they did he didn’t listen (also a trademark of youth).

 Thank goodness they didn’t, because what resulted is a snapshot of real stuff. Authentic stuff. The stuff that makes up all of our days. No, youth isn’t wasted on the young. It’s lathered on the young in the hopes that someone will do things that haven’t been done yet and use their superpowers for good. That someone will illuminate the truth. I hope that others can learn from some of our mistakes and enjoy the reading of this story half as much as I enjoyed the living of it.

Stephen Kellogg June 2014

SK's New Album + First Book

Hello friends.

Its me, Stephen. There is so much that I could say, but I think I’m going to let this video explain what’s up.

I'm making plans to record new songs and have begun writing a collection of essays about life, marriage, and music. I hope they delight and heal you. If you trust me on that front, we have a slate of offerings that support the creation of the new album and the book. Love to each of you, and see you later, see you soon!



What Better To Do After Spring Break Than Plan Summer Break!


SK just got back from Spring Break with the whole family in Florida, & we've been hard at work on the 8th Annual SK Family BBQ in the Marionette office. We have got some great updates for you:

  • We are so excited to tell you our openers for both nights:Colin Elmore will be opening on Friday, & fresh off our Winter Turns To Spring 2018 Tour, Hailey Steele will be opening Saturday
  • Former Sixer Boots Factor will be sitting in on Friday night, & MikelParis™ of O.A.R. will be sitting in on Saturday night. Expect to hear some of their own songs in the mix as well!

Want to vote on which album SK plays from start to finish on Friday night?

Get your Field Day passes by tomorrow, Tuesday, April 17th!
We will send out a survey to all attendees to vote on the album on Wednesday. Again, the ONLY way to get a vote is to have your passes purchased by Tuesday--  but don't worry, passes will still remain on sale until we sell out.

Other helpful links:

Discounted White Sox tickets for 6/21- SK sings at pregame
(Form can be emailed to
2 Night Concert Pass at Martyr's
Hotel Versey

We can't wait to see you there!
-Team SK