I’m in the third draft and resuming work on it this month, hoping to have it go to print in time to ship for the Fall.Turns out writing books takes longer than I thought it would. Thank you for your patience. In the mean time, my fiction contribution to “Moving Foreword” by Jon Chattman was published yesterday and you can check that book out here.

oitm small.jpg

Objects In The Mirror is OUT in the world!

You can buy OITM in the Kellogg Family Store, iTunes, & Amazon
You can stream OITM on Spotify, Apple Music, & Google Play

update #9: 100% to goal


Wow. We did it. Using pre-orders and your enthusiasm we have raised 103% of the necessary funds to launch and release “OBJECTS IN THE MIRROR” the album (out November 23, 2018) and the book (March 2019).

I was going through a bit of a crisis of confidence in February. A few things I had planned didn’t materialize and it shook me to the core. With the support of my family and friends, along with a good nights sleep I did what I do - I gained some perspective and got excited about a new project. The result is “Objects In The Mirror”, the album and the book. It’s everything I wanted it to be and it’s my gift to you for believing in me enough to order your packages in advance. God I hope it helps you folks in your lives. 

For those who weren’t able to pre-order, don’t worry, we have the album now available in vinyl, digital and via a 36 page souvenir program that includes a download. We also have links to order the book, VIP Upgrades for the fall and spring tour, new t-shirts and hoodies, and as of today our charitable lyrics for the holidays are back up at the Kellogg Family Store. For more information on any of it visit us at

There are many people to thank for this, but specifically as it relates to the campaign I’d like to say thank you to Jessica Martin, Dale Campbell, Mike Ligon, Ron Kepnach, Melissa Fitts, all our eleventh hour saviors, and each of you who at some point between April and October stopped what you were doing and placed an order with us. I’m a lucky man to have you as listeners.

See you later, see you soon,


update #8: Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you...


The "Objects in the Mirror" album cover! My new record is my favorite I've ever made, and it comes out this November 23! I've been so psyched to share the artwork with you, which was hand drawn by Rob Helmstetter at Table2Press. Rob did the "Glassjaw Boxer" cover for me and has designed several of my favorite t-shirts, posters, and album covers over the years. You'll be able to scope it out up close and personal in our vinyl packages and via a 36 page album program that we'll have available starting release day! We have raised 85% of what's needed to produce, print, and ship the record, and all of our pre-orders include a copy of my new book- which will be out March of 2019. Every single order counts, they start at $20, we have some really cool "upgrades", you'll receive an instant download of me covering Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again"- you can get your PRE-ORDER HERE!

Once we reach 90%, we'll be releasing the first single, and we'll release another song at 95%, then one at 100%! Let's go baby! Last but not least, as you'll see we have announced some 'warm up dates' starting in Los Angeles in two weeks. That can only mean one thing... a tour announce coming soon! Watch your inbox for a list of cities I'll be hitting!

See you later, see you soon,


Update #7: Objects in the Mirror Pre-Orders & Listening Party

Hello fellow SK fans & friends!

Dale here, from Team SK. Wanted to fill you in on a few updates we've got going on...

First & foremost: pre-orders! We're right at 82%-- when we hit 85%, we're going to release the album cover of Objects in the Mirror, & it's SO GREAT! Can't wait for you to see it. You can pre-order in the Kellogg Family Store.

Second, did you hear about the listening party SK is hosting? It will be Sunday afternoon October 28th, in Stephen's home state of Connecticut. This is a super intimate, free event- there will be a cash bar, so grab a cocktail, listen to the new album a month before it comes out, & chat with SK about the making of the new album. First priority will go to anyone who pre-orders the new book & album by September 1st. Each pre-order means you're eligible for two spots at the listening party. After that, any remaining spots will be opened up to you fine mailing list people. We will send out an email with RSVP info to everyone who has pre-ordered on September 4th. Get those pre-orders in for first dibs at a spot!

SK is hustling hard to get this book done, Cousin Jess is putting together an upcoming tour, & I'm working on an updated website- all of which we can't wait to share with you.


PS: Don't forget! Every pre-order comes with SK's acoustic version of "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake!

update #6: The Name of the album is...

I'm elated to tell you that everything is coming together and if all goes to plan we will have many updates in the coming weeks. I’ve been spending my days writing nonstop, taking breaks only to go through mixes, artwork, tour dates, and occasionally play with Holly, my sweet Prozac kitty. Spoiler alert: yes, she gets a shout out on the new record! This weekend on Twitter we had another "Pay it Forward" chain happen and it helped us get to 75% funded. As promised, that is when I said I'd tell you the album name…

Objects in the Mirror

It’s the most excited I can ever remember being to share a piece of work. Thank you again for all your support and continuing to spread the word on social media. I had a neighbor stop by my house this week with a $20 bill. It was moving because there is something extremely satisfying about building the freedom to make our own creative choices brick by brick. I appreciate it so much. You can scope the pre-order packages and remember that truly, no order is too small. Every single one counts! 

See You Later, See You Soon, 


PS: Keep an eye out the next week or so for a new upgrade available in the Kellogg Family Store!

update #5

Fans/Friends/Family (Framily?), 958 of you have gotten us 67% funded, and I can't thank you enough. When we hit 75%, I'm going to reveal the title of the new record. Every single pre-order counts- none too small, & of course, none too big.

I've been told that I may use too many "specific names and dates" in my songs (wait til you hear the new ones...) So this is a little re-enactment of those meetings, starring the best actresses I know.

Thank you for helping spread the word, & thanks for helping us move the needle towards the finish line on this project.

update #4


Hello all you fine community of music listeners!

So here is the update. We spent four days in a recording studio called MOXE
in Nashville, TN last week. Quite unbelievably, we are almost done recording the album.
I’ve never had a record happen this fast, but the combination of personalities seems to
have created something that I’m as excited to share with you as anything I’ve ever done
as an artist. We have some back ground vocals to capture and mixing decisions to make
and then we will have a new record. I can tell you this. I know the name of the album now
and I know that it will have 12 songs on it. More for you later. If you have friends who like this
type of music and you think they’d enjoy it, please encourage them to pre-order their records
as we still have to raise 50% of the funds needed to finish the record and book. Speaking of the
book, the chapters and concepts are taking shape and I’ll be spending the lions share of the next
month and a half working on that. To the 615 souls who’ve taken us the first 49% of the way and
to the fine musicians who’ve helped get the record rolling in grand fashion, my eternal gratitude.


update #3

Two new packages available in the Kellogg Family Store! Book It! + Demos (Autographed), The Vinyl Countdown! + Demos (Autographed) packages, plus a new upgrade, Nashville Session Charts!


Update #2

Upgrades + new package available in the Kellogg Family Store! Thank you note, Thank you video, & Drum Up packages available now!

Update #1

Receive an instantly downloadable mp3 of a solo, acoustic version of SK singing "Here I Go Again" by Whitesnake with all packages!